Wednesday 7 PM

What a great March of skiing. Ice storm brush and tree recovering is on going. Crews worked again today. We are presently skiing 48 km of trails brushed and groomed. Some skiers are skiing the un brushed and un groomed.

Today we had our staff out on ABR owned trails; the trails to the south and to the east were being brushed by the property owners, thank you.

I am working with a crew of season pass holders and trailside property owners Thursday 7AM -noon opening up Blueberry , Meadow, Bards, and Jacks Flats and Deer Trail.

48 km was groomed today and skiing very well. I am guessing we will be skiing on 75 km by the weekend.

Discount season passes are on sale until April 1. $100 Newbie, $125 Sr/Jr, $145 Adult. We are holding the April 1 date strict this year. We expect a significant rise in our season pass rate and daily rate for next year due to fuel prices and inflation.