Monday 8 PM

What a great day of winding down with the team!

Crasher and Wide Track were servicing the snowmobiles, tuning the clutches, checking the carbides, the studs, the Hifax, the belt deflection and the track tension; doing the oil changes, gear box oil changes and greasing the suspension.

Wully Bully and Pig Heart hunkered down on filling the woodshed for next season and ordering parts to have on hand for next season.

Bull Dog and Blind Squirrel worked on building maintenance and groomer attachments maintenance.

Tuesday…Snowmobile service should wind down and we can move on to the Gators and track service. Next week is Pisten Bully’s service!

Saturday 8 PM

We picked up a few inches of snow last night so I groomed up a few k for Angela, she said it was good skiing and was enjoying her free time.

Winter is still here in Ironwood…even though the ABR Ski Trails closed, there are the Wolverine Trails and Miners Trails in downtown still grooming with their volunteer based tireless (younger) grooming crew.

March 24th 7 PM

What a great day, Wide Track and I had a photo shoot with a videographer for our first You Tube grooming video. It should be posted soon…I will keep you posted.

We are working on taking down signs and storing equipment…two more weeks and we should have all the groomers stored and maitained and put to bed for summer.

March 21, 8 PM

A warm rainy morning turned into a nice afternoon for a tour of the trails checking conditions. We had all the groomers and wives and toured a couple hours before stopping and having a cookout at Everet’s Cabin. What a fun afternoon…thank you groomers for a great season of grooming.

Closing Sunset March 20th

What a great season of skiing. Today was fun to groom for the last time and fun say goodbye to our skier friends. Thank you to all of our customers for a great season. We are closed for the season for skiing, lodging, and the ski shop. I will keep daily updated and then weekend updates through the summer. Eric and Angela