Thursday 1 pm

4 groomers just coming in from grooming, we groomed 85 km of trails and reset all tracks, 3-5 inches of new snow fell this morning, we will be back out in the early am

Wednesday 5 pm

Brew Meister. . groomed up 40 km of skating today, conditions were great, nice firm tracks and silky smooth skating . I am scheduling grooming for 9 tommorow to time the snow forecast. Trails open at 9

6 PM

just coming in from checking the trails. They are looking used but well covered. We will be grooming again in the early AM. The woods are very pretty with the snow clinging to the trees.


Friday Dec 4th,

We had a great day of early season skiingĀ  I am just coming in from checking the trails. I plan to regroom about 10 k of trails in the early AM. From what I saw tonight skiers are skiing on about 15-20 km of trails.

I will be up late checking you tube videos to see what the best technique and groomer to use in the AM.

Most importantly, we had 150-200 skiers out enjoying the conditions today.

sorry the web cam is down again…..not on purpose.