Saturday 7 pm

What an epic day of grooming. There were 5 of us out in equipment dealing with 10 inches of snow and hi winds. I spent 9 hours in my Pisten Bully, the other groomers spent 6 hours grooming…..and the skiing was quite good with a firm skate deck once the snow stopped at 1 pm. We are not grooming all the combi trails, but we are grooming is quite firm and nice…classic skiers tomorrow will be rewarded with classic only Ridge runner, Popple flats, pit point.

Sunday is our last day of the season. Don’t miss Taste on the Trails 12-2 tomorrow. If weather holds up it will be an outdoors event as usual.

See the Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation newsletter here for the latest happenings.

Friday 6:30 pm

We picked up 6-8 inches of snow overnight. Groomers were out this morning and we groomed about 78 km of trails this morning and during the day with multiple passes. We will be back out in the morning with a team of 4-5 groomers. Ridge runner will be classic only Saturday.
Taste on the Trails is moved to Sunday 12-2…trails close Sunday at 4 pm. Discount season passes on sale until April 1.

Thursday 6 PM

It felt a bit strange to mill about the office and then the groomer workshop this morning at 6 AM. With the warm temps and rain predicted, grooming did not make sense at all. My day was focused on planning the Taste on the Trails, rescheduled for Sunday, and taking care of grooming plans for the 12 + inches scheduled for Friday. There were about 25 skiers out this morning, and another 2-3 skiers this afternoon. Skiing was reported good. At 1 PM it started to rain…changing to snow at 4 PM… it continues to snow. We have a full team of groomers coming in the morning. We will be starting at 8 AM, “mid morning” and will groom a bit later to create the best skiing we can for a forecast “snowy day”