Friday 10 am

the trails groomed up well this morning and are looking like mid winter. The recreational skiers are loving the new snow and grooming. Looks like more snow coming tonight, a full groom team will be out in the early morning.

Thursday 4;30 pm

4 groomers were out for a long shift again today getting the new snow firmed up and opening the Highlands. The classic only trails to the south are not ready yet, they need to freeze down, but the Highlands combination trails are skiing well with good skis. The Pisten Bully will be out again Friday or Saturday as needed.

Picture of a beautiful sunrise on one of the out looks of Windy Ridge. Windy Ridge is not open yet but is very close, maybe this weekend.

Tuesday 5 pm

we had a full groom team out this afternoon grooming the new snow. We received about 5 inches of heavy dense snow which is perfect for filling in over the old firm base. Many passes to keep up with the storm. The crew went home to dry up and rest up for the 6 am shift in the am Wednesday. I am heading out for one last run on the main trails. Looks like the cold temps later this week will be great for freezing down the south; Highlands and Windy Ridge. I pulled the 9 foot groomer through there today and it is looking very good except the entrance by Sulon needs to freeze harder and a few miscellaneous wet areas

Monday 5 pm

Wully Bully, Pig Heart and Crasher were out grooming skate lanes this morning for 3 hours; The main trails are still grooming up well with texture. Yes there are some icy spots in the flat, low areas, but they are flat and frozen. We have a 10 km loop that is skiing quite well with Pisten bully set tracks. The classic only trails are pretty icy and not recommended until we get more snow.

After coffee break we headed out to the Highlands and Windy Ridge with 3 ginzu groomers and smoothed out the trail. It needs more cold temps and snow to open but it is close.

looks like 5-12 inches forcast starting at 10 am tommorow, we have a full crew ready to groom mid morning.

grooming in the Highlands today. We hope to have them open Friday