Sunday 7 PM

Trails skied well today, single digits but sunny an no wind. Groomers enjoyed a morning off.

Hilltop cancellation for Feb 6- 10 5 nights. Kaartunen House open this monday-wed nights,

Rascals dog friendly cabin open Jan 23-27, Tamarack open Monday -Thursday night

Saturday 7 PM

Groomers groomed up 91 km of trail today and reset all tracks. Skiing was great. Ridge Runner and Puumala had great reviews for classic skiers who have not ventured that far south. No snow forecast overnite and the trails are in great shape. They will ski very well in the AM Sunday.

Friday 7 PM

Groomers enjoyed sleeping in this morning, but I am guessing most were up. So no grooming today Full groom yesterday with 4 groomers was great. A bit of wind this afternoon, so we are sending both Pisten Bullies out with Widetrack on the single track to take of the trails. Ridge Runner is still classic only, but will be Pisten Bully power tilled with the PB, not best line, check it out it is a fun hilly curvy course.

Thursday 7 PM

We had Wide Track and Wully Bully on the single tracks this morning. Crasher and Pig Heart took care of the combi trails with the 2 Pisten Bullies. We groomed about 79 km of trails this morning. With light skier traffic today and no snow predicted the groomers are sleeping in Friday morning.

Ridge Runner ius groomed classic for the next several days. No skating on Ridge Runner

Wednesday 7 PM

A great day of snowfall, grooming and skiing. Today was a matter of timing. Groomers (2 Pisten Bullies and 2 snowmobiles with groomers) showed up at 5:45 AM and we groomed until 10 AM. We covered 81 km of trail today with 2-4 inches of snow on them. Tomorrow we are delaying the grooming till 7 AM because of cold temps, trails will be open at 9 along with Ski Shop for ski tickets.

We plan to groom Ridge Runner for classic only “best line” either Thursday AM or Friday AM depending on weather. If Ridge Runner is groomed with a classic track it is very IMPORTANT for skaters to not ski Ridge Runner or Ridge Runner access will go away, Ridge Runner on the Windy Ridge Nature Preserve has been ben a great partnership for ABR and the skiers of ABR.

We plan to keep Ridge Runner “Classic only” for 4-6 days.