Wednesday 6 pm

I was out on the trails today with Nathan today… the new snow really improved conditions. We are planning to reopen this Saturday for skiing. If the warm temps don’t have any negative impact. I expect the conditions to better than last Saturday, if we get the 4 inches forecast for Saturday, the conditions should improve very quickly Saturday/Sunday. The ski shop sale continues Saturday with 20-30% off.

Tuesday 8 am

Great news! ABR Trails was 3rd in the top Cross country ski resorts in North America. Not bad for a small ma/pa family run operation competing with the large resorts out west and out east. Angela and I are very proud. Thank you all for supporting us.

Saturday 6 pm

the trails were enjoyed by 8 high school teams today from MN and WI. The thin base is holding up but is definitely showing the signs of heavy use. The classic tracks Nathan put in this morning on 8 km were appreciated. We will be open tommorow, Sunday but then we will close until we get more snow.

Saturday 9 am

Nathan was out with the low snow tracksetter setting tracks this morning on about 8 km of trail. Some turned out decent, some pretty shallow