Tuesday 5:30 PM

What a great day of grooming, 4 groomers grooming today. We groomed for a 6 hour shift early morning. We are grooming 94 km, We are skiing on 55 km of trails (Old ABR…North) all with classic tracks except the dog trails and Pelty. Coverage is very good, but still thin spots in the classic tracks under the conifirs.

Highlands, Windy Ridge, Puumala Trails and Jacks flats still closed to freeze down. Highlands exit hill will need some shoveling to make it good… these trails should be open for the weekend.

4 person groom crew again in the early AM to knock down another inch of forecast snow, or smooth out todays ski marks.

Monday 5 PM

What a great day of snowfall today, The snow started at 8 AM and is still snowing! We picked up about 4-6 inches and the groomers were out until noon, no new tracks set today but we will regroom in the early AM and reset classic tracks. The skiing has been really improving on a daily basis. Full groom crew out in the AM.

Monday 6 AM

4 Groomers were out yesterday were groomed and retracked 25-30 km of trails after another inch of snow fell overnight. We also started packing the highlands and Puumala Trails. Today we are waiting for a few inches to fall before we go out and regroom. Looks like 3-4 inches forecast during the day.

Saturday 6 PM

We regroomed about 35 km of trails this morning after the 1 inch of snow felt last night. The inch of new snow regroomed over the base made a huge difference in skiing from yesterday to today. It snowed another inch during the day. 47 km open for skiing this weekend. It is snowing now and 4 groomers are scheduled for 6 AM, if we get more than another inch we will retrack as well. We will continue to be open until the last week of March weather permitting. Sunday we are starting to prep the Highlands, Windy Ridge and Puumala Trails to open the entire 95 km of ski trails by next weekend hopefuly. Sunday is the last day of the 20% off in the ski shop.

Friday 5 PM

Trails skied well for early season conditions. We had 47 km groomed, not just rolled flat for skating or striding. and we had 10 km of classic tracks set. Skiers were happy with conditions as advertised. Yes the Classic tracks had pine needles and grass here and there especially in the thick woods where we have conifers but better than no track. The point I tried to communicate to everyone I sold tickets to in the ticket booth in the driveway, You need to by pass the River Trail “Gravel Road” from River Trail 2 way to where Hemlock crosses it. The easy bypass is turn right and then either do Pit Point the right way or ski down the entrance to pit Point and ski parallel to the gravel road section, then cross over on Hemlock to the west. Dec 1 we will start grooming the south 50 km. We are open for skiing at 9 AM Saturday and the Ski Shop Sale ends Saturday at 4 PM