Tuesday 7;30 pm

we are back to warm comfortable skiing conditions. Crasher ran one of Pisten Bullies down River trail, memory and jack pine, white pine and into town for “project connect” the trail groomed up super.! wully bully and snow cross groomed the combo trails.

Pig heart and Crasher are on the roster for grooming in the early morning. I see the temps are going to get above freezing but I do not see the snow changing much….should be great skiing tomorrow and beyond.

Monday 7:30 PM

The trails were super today…, firm tracks, not icy, fresh groomed skate lanes , sunshine low winds 25 degres. Full groom crew in the AM. Mark your calendars for Taste of the Trails March 18th Saturday 12-2!

Sunday 5 PM

We had a great morning of grooming this morning followed by a great day of skiing. The tracks were all firm and fresh from today or yesterday and the glide was super. The 4H SISU Endurance Team had a great showing of youth skiers this afternoon.

The Anderson Bluff & River Trail Foundation wants to share this message.

A THANK YOU to Foundation sponsors for this years Project Connect Nordic Day event. With generous donations to help us make this year’s event great, we couldn’t be successful without the support of our community. Please show these business some love and support as we head into the final week leading up to Project Connect Nordic Day! 

 For those who register to participate in this free event, coupons and gifts from our sponsors will be available exclusively to those who pre register online.


Saturday 6 pm

Sorry to sound like a broken record…”the skiing was great today, warmer weather and another groom cycle made skiing super today” Rigonis pasty delivery was very good again this week. Suffolk Eatery is on the schedule next Saturday…call your order in by Friday and get free delivery to the ticket shack Saturday at noon.

Groomers heading out early in the am , trails should be great again Sunday. Crasher is heading out with his Pisten Bully to powertill the highlands and reset track, pig heart is heading out for touch up grooming . We do have a skier survey in paper format or a QR CODE to help us understand our loyal customer base and improve in the future. They are available in the ski shop or ticket booth and I will post a link on my blog this week.

Friday 6 pm

Snow Cross and Pig Heart groomed today. About 50 km of combintrail groomed, classic reset as needed. Wide Track is coming in to reset all classic only with the Snowmobile, Pig Heart and Crasher are heading out to regroom with both Pisten Bullies in the morning. Rigonis Bakery is doing a Pasty delivery at noon tomorrow, call ahead and order.