Monday 7 PM

We had a full crew with Widetrack and Partner dragging /widening and tracking all the classic only trails. Pig Heart and Crasher headed out in the Pisten Bullies to groom the combi trails as advertised. Trails turned out great and are skiing well. We left 1/2 inch of powder on Peltonen Pass and Ridge Runner, (12 k) advanced trails and we left 1 inch of snow ungroomed on the dog friendly trails (7 K).

The “Classic Only” Puumala Trails” skied well today. Wide Track and Partner did a great job of grooming them and then had breakfast and geared up and skied them.

Cliff House Loop on the Puumala Trailssection

Tuesday groomers are sleeping in after grooming 8 days in a row. Trails are in great shape. Ridge Runner is closed Tuesday for maintenance.