Sunday 7 PM

1 inch of new snow overnight, Pig Heart and Crasher groomed up all the combi trails including Ridge Runner (skate). The snow continued like a lightly shaken “Snow Globe” most of the day. Skiing was reported to be magical.

At noon, most of our out of town friends and guests were departing Rustic Cabins, trailside houses and local lodging. 1:30 we gathered for the Ironwood Nordic Skiers Team photo, From 2:00 -3:30 the SISU Endurance Team from our local 4H showed up, there are 42 youth enrolled.

We ended up receiving about 2 inches of snow during the day so we will have a full team of 4 groomers including both Pisten Bullies out early AM. We plan to groom 76 k or more of trails; all the classic only trails and all combi trails except Peltonen 5 k, the Dog Trails 7 km and Ridge Runner is under discussion 7 K. the light powder on the more advanced trails sometimes is more attractive for the intermediate skiers.