Grooming with an ATV or UTV

IMG_1660We get many calls on what type of groomer can be used on grooming my ski trail. “Can I use my tractor, ATV, UTV, etc?”

Grooming with a tractor does not work well, however grooming with a ATV works well provided it is equipped correctly. Grooming with a UTV (side by side) works in some conditions.

The ATV or UTV needs the correct track system installed. We suggest you contact and speak with Gary for your best application. Gary has been testing and selling all track systems for years.

The ATV or UTV needs to have enough cooling and power to pull a groomer . Most  ATV’s have adequate engine cooling , although many have exhausts that heat up and can create melted pants, seats, plastic guards etc. The ATV/UTV does not require snow for cooling so grooming ice with the proper track system is a good solution. Steering around off camber corners on steep uphills under load is also not a problem due to the 4 pods.  Most ATV’s and UTV’s can be ordered with winches which are a valuable tool if you get stuck. The track systems work very well early season to pack the trails and not shear the thin snow off the ground. Using your ATV/UTV in the summer for trail maintenance is a huge bonus. The $5-8,000 machine does not sit in storage. Take off the tracks and install the original tires. UTV’s are awesome maintenance machines!

The ATV/UTV fall short in the areas of compaction of the center of  the grooming path but can be a super supplement to grooming with a snowmobile which does not pack the pole plant area. Unless equipped with an expensive /visabilty reducing cab, the ATV/UTV lacks good heating even after windshields heated handle grips and seats  are installed.

Photo gallery of grooming with an ATV or UTV