Saturday 7 pm

What an epic day of grooming. There were 5 of us out in equipment dealing with 10 inches of snow and hi winds. I spent 9 hours in my Pisten Bully, the other groomers spent 6 hours grooming…..and the skiing was quite good with a firm skate deck once the snow stopped at 1 pm. We are not grooming all the combi trails, but we are grooming is quite firm and nice…classic skiers tomorrow will be rewarded with classic only Ridge runner, Popple flats, pit point.

Sunday is our last day of the season. Don’t miss Taste on the Trails 12-2 tomorrow. If weather holds up it will be an outdoors event as usual.

See the Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation newsletter here for the latest happenings.

Tuesday 7 PM

Another great day of spring skiing, I took the PB out this morning and groomed up about 15 km of trails. I did not see any bare spots on the trails.  Temps were above freezing but the wide combination trails groomed up well. I will try to groom in the morning Wednesday, but it may or may not be  “groomable” ….but will be skiable with the right timing, wax and attitude. I put up another Facebook video of the morning grooming. we plan to be open thru March 21st at 5 PM, weather permitting.


Great day of skiing, temps warmed up to the teens.

Brew Meister groomed 25-30 km this early AM and classic tracks looked great.

Honey Badger is coming in the early AM hours to regroom for tomorrow heading south.

Pig  Heart is heading out in the PB to groom the North.