ABR Grows Operations Team

ABR Trails Inc. is happy to inform you that we have grown the ABR team in 2023.

Eric and Angela have hired Nathan Williams starting in November. He and his wife, Piersan, will be moving to Ironwood from Marquette, Michigan. Nathan will be working full time in all areas of ABR including grooming, maintenance, ski shop and general support. Nathan’s energy and excitement will augment the existing team and help Eric and Angela start to ease into retirement.

Nathan Williams

Additionally, Kyle Palin of Ironwood will be taking a larger role in grooming part-time. Kyle is certainly no newcomer operating snowmobiles (Kyle was ranked 3rd in the world ranking for ISOC SnoCross). Kyle will be assuming additional responsibilities, as well as continuing as part time groomer while he finishes his final season in the racing circuit. Kyle will continue his grooming training under Eric, with a goal to be Chief Groomer in the future. Kyle and his wife Brittany with daughter Sawyer live in Ironwood.

Kyle Pallin

Eric (aka Pig Heart) has been working closely with his doctors this fall. As part of Eric’s “preventive maintenance program” he will have open heart surgery on November 1 (BTW this is exactly 14 years after his first open heart surgery). The maintenance will be performed at the University of Michigan again, but this time they will replace two valves. Eric and Angela have full confidence in the medical team, but your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

The ABR team (construction and ski both) have busy preparing for another great ski season. The addition of Nathan and Kyle will supplement Pig Heart as he rehabilitates.

(Note: These staffing changes are not related to the Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation recruiting efforts for a future Operations Manager.)