Friday night 6:15 pm

First off …’Grooming and Skiing Conditions”

we groomed Tammarack and Ridge Runner first off with the Pisten Bully and then did touch up grooming as needed. The single tracks like jacks flats were groomed and a few other flat loops for skiers wanting flat trails. Ski conditions were reported to be excellent. Ridge Runner was reported to be the best of the season!

Second “grooming plans”

we plan to have 4 groomers out Saturday early morning grooming all the trails except Ridge Runner and Tammarack,


The Project Connect Event is going on as documented in previous blogs this week with links. The Iron Belle from Bessemer to Ironwood is being groomed for skating and classic tonight….looks like a fun day to ski point to point.

Ski shop SALE;

20-30% off soft goods from today to February 20th.