Thursday 7:30 PM

Sorry I was out checking the trails for grooming plans on Friday. Crasher and Pig Heart Pisten Bullied all of the combination trails today from 6-9 AM. Trails are skiing well with daily grooming. Friday we have Wide Track and Partner grooming all the single track and grooming Ridge Runner for classic only! Pig Hert is running the Pisten Bully on the combi trails and Crasher is running the other Bully on Tammarrack and RR and the combi’s,

Don’t miss skiing Ridge Runner , 7 km rolling loop groomed for classic only. Ridge Runner will be left as classic only for several days .

LODGING ALERTS: SISU weekend is open at the Kaartunen House for next season. Cherry Meadow is open this weekend, Everets is open next year 2024 Jan 14-18 and Jan 22-25, Tamarack is open Jan 19-20 , 2024