Monday 6:30 pm

3 groomers out today and trimming brush. The trails are in great shape. Firm tracks, level skate deck with a silky/creamy surface…good pole plants. It should be a great SISU Saturday morning 9-12:00. The majority of the combination trails will be closed from 9-12 Saturday morning. The majority of the classic only trails will be open. A nice 3 hr ski would be tamarack 2 track to wolf tracks and otter slide then puumala 10 km if the race is done at Saari and coyote.; for skating the deer trail and HISTORIC TRAIL, THEN the 5km dog friendly trails will be open and peltonen pass and Popple flats will be open, at noon the entire trail system is open.

We have a ribbon cutting at the Historic Trail tomorrow at 10 Am, this is a part of the Project Connect connecting ABR Trails to the community. The ribbon cutting is at the Erwin Township Historic Site on Van Buskirk. Road. You can ski there on the Historic trail off of the Deer Trail.