Sunday 6 pm

We opened the bull pen and sent both Pisten Bullies out early morning. Crasher took care of the North end and Pig Heart took care of the South end, grooming all of the Highlands . Wide Track and Partner double teamed Tamarack 1 track to a 2 track …and groomed up windy ridge. Ken shoveled in many of the low spots on the ridge and will be back out tommorow.
wide track and partner will be packing more on puumala tomorrow, historic trail and Woodward to the SISU Finnish line. Pig heart and snow cross are touching up skate lanes and joining up with the wide track team.

skiing was great this weekend, we are skiing on 88 km of trail, 65 km are mint, we hope to have all 101 km groomed up for the weekend…..55 inches of snowfall to date!

check out the Saturday box lunch program starting next Saturday with some of our favorite restaurants….details coming soon or on Facebook.