Monday 5 pm

Wully Bully, Pig Heart and Crasher were out grooming skate lanes this morning for 3 hours; The main trails are still grooming up well with texture. Yes there are some icy spots in the flat, low areas, but they are flat and frozen. We have a 10 km loop that is skiing quite well with Pisten bully set tracks. The classic only trails are pretty icy and not recommended until we get more snow.

After coffee break we headed out to the Highlands and Windy Ridge with 3 ginzu groomers and smoothed out the trail. It needs more cold temps and snow to open but it is close.

looks like 5-12 inches forcast starting at 10 am tommorow, we have a full crew ready to groom mid morning.

grooming in the Highlands today. We hope to have them open Friday