Wednesday 6 pm

Pig Heart and Snowcross were out this early am doing touch up grooming and shoveling in on on some of the low spots that were icy. We put up a few signs, clipped some brush and had a great morning watching the sunrise on pit point.

The trails are holding up well and skiing great. The Pisten BULLY groomed combination trails are very level and flat and have rock solid classic tracks with good pole plants. The narrow, classic only have a few thin areas under the pines and pole plants are softer.

We are open with about 51 km of trails for the weekend.

Pig Heart and Wide Track are heading out Thanksgiving early morning. Full groom crew of 4 for Friday morning. Thanksgiving we are open at 9 as always but we do close the ski shop and chalet early at 3 and the trails an hour hour early at 4 so we can have Thanksgiving dinner with family. Please respect being off the trails at 4 so we can do that.

Happy Thanksgiving!