Saturday 6:30 PM

What a challenging early morning for the Big Heart and Little Heart groomers. Both Pisten Bullies with full artillery front end renovators and power tillers were able to turn ski rutted ice and glazed tracks to a very pleasant skier friendly surface this morning by 9 AM. Temps at 30 degrees F at 9 AM were perfect for 3 hours of fast controllable skiing on 71 km of trails, mainly combi trails or 2 tracks. Afternoon skiers enjoyed classic and afternoon skaters enjoyed extra effort.

Grooming plans for Sunday, We plan to groom with both Pisten Bullies in the early AM and have about the same trails open for 9 AM Sunday, our last day. We do plan to keep you updated for the next few weeks with daily updates, then weekly updates… check in our website and Facebook page for daily updates….weather, closing events, Anderson Bluff and River Trail Foundation updates and events, New Ski Trail updates and chalet plans updates and other interesting information. The ABR nightly blog is my third favorite job at ABR. Grooming is number 1, visiting in the cabin, parking lot or on the trail is number 2.

Ironwood Nordic Ski Team member/ (founder?) Will organized the 4th annual ABROS again this morning at 9 AM and pictured below is the prize winner. Visit INST on Face book