Saturday 7:30 PM

I am used to typing “great skiing….groomed ….”

Tonight I am posting Groomers called in “I can not get out of my driveway! It is pure ice..” Never heard that before and never experienced a day like today.

After living here for 52 years off and on, I have never seen an ice storm here like today. With all the Kings Knights and one of the Kings Men we could not put Humpty together today. However we broke out 32 pair of snow shoes we sent potential skiers down the ski trails with snowshoes. Lodging guests and tourists seemed happy. We made Lemonade from the Lemons!

Sunday early AM we have the full crew of groomers , sanders, plowers coming in to make for the best possible skiing. Our Trail Base is 12-18 inches, we should have plenty of snow to make March 20th.