Saturday 6:30 PM

We had a great crew out this early, early morning, Wide Track on the Single Tracks and Pig Heart with the bigger Pisten Bully grooming the Noth end and Crasher grooming the South end. We groomed all 95 km of trails and were back in the barn at 9 AM…

Skiing was great today, most skiers started at 10:30-12 when temps warmed up. A great mix of “out of town” skiers up for weekend skiing 2-3 days recreational skiers, local recreational skiers and skiers wanting the hard tracks and firm PB skate lanes as they get one of their last skis in before the Birkie.

We plan to regroom about 75 km in the AM . Wide Track and Partner heading out in the early AM to regroom classics. Crasher and Pig Heart heading out to powertill with the 2 Pisten Bullies. Pig Heart is heading south; Crasher is heading North, We do not plan to regroom the 3 black Diamond trails Pelty, Ridge Runner, or Dog Trails. Theya re lightly used and in very good shape, there may be a bit of drifting in the open areas.

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