Wednesday 7 PM

A great day of snowfall, grooming and skiing. Today was a matter of timing. Groomers (2 Pisten Bullies and 2 snowmobiles with groomers) showed up at 5:45 AM and we groomed until 10 AM. We covered 81 km of trail today with 2-4 inches of snow on them. Tomorrow we are delaying the grooming till 7 AM because of cold temps, trails will be open at 9 along with Ski Shop for ski tickets.

We plan to groom Ridge Runner for classic only “best line” either Thursday AM or Friday AM depending on weather. If Ridge Runner is groomed with a classic track it is very IMPORTANT for skaters to not ski Ridge Runner or Ridge Runner access will go away, Ridge Runner on the Windy Ridge Nature Preserve has been ben a great partnership for ABR and the skiers of ABR.

We plan to keep Ridge Runner “Classic only” for 4-6 days.