Saturday 7 PM post SISU

We had the ABR crew out this morning at 4:30 AM tilling up the SISU Trail into town with our Pisten Bullies (and Loader for road crossings.) We worked well with the SISU Ski Fest Team, including Coleman Engineering on the road crossings and the Routsala Construction on stock piling clean snow, Gogebic Community College Ski Area Management director took care of the last 1/2 km rough groomed in (huge snowbanks to a ski trail), and a big thank you to the Miners Park Trail for the prepacking early season.

The course turned out very good. But please remember it is not me doing all the work, or ABR Trails, it is several groups and businesses that contribute to the course preparation.

It was fun to sweep the trail at 2 PM and see the course after 700+ skiers skied it, see the road crossing teams and see the Finnish Line.

It was sad to close up the 5 gates (for now) that link ABR to Ironwood and on to Ramsey. Check out the Non profit Foundation for our future ..

Check out the

We have a crew regrooming in the early AM Sunday as you would expect. The Bullies are heading out on combination trails and Wide track taking care of single tracks,