Tuesday 6 PM

100% open again today with 95 km groomed. The weather sure has been cooperating. 5 groomers out this morning taking care of 95 k of trails. We are 100 % open with very good conditions. Early morning groom crew of Pig Heart, Crasher, Wide Track , Wully Bully and Patner took care of grooming this morning. All skate lanes regroomed and all classic tracks reset. We will be back out in the early AM doing it again since it is snow again! A few thin spots under the Christmas Trees or steeper down hills but not many.

The owner of Windy Ridge Nature Preserve was very disappointed on 12/25 when Ridge Runner was “closed” (trail closed sign in the center of trail facing forward) and several skiers skied past the Trail Closed Sign. He turned a few of the younger skiers back and shared a picture of an adult skier passing one of his trail cams. When a trail is closed it is closed for a reason….mainly safety. Do not ski on closed trails please.