Sunday 6 PM

Only a few flakes of new snow fell overnight…I am not sure it was visible on the webcams.

Widetrack and Pig Heart headed out grooming the skate lanes again early AM and all (but Ridge Runner was groomed) with 2 groomers renovating skate lanes of about 45 km of skating. Meanwhile Crasher reset classic track on Tamarack 2 track, the Highlands and Deer trail. 21 km of new classic track. The new set classic was highly rated, The skating was highly rated. The trail deteriorated with skier traffic as the day went on, but morning skiers were very pleased. Yes there are some very thin areas under the Christmas trees and on the hills.

We are forecast for 3-7 inches of snow tonight. Conditions could change quickly. Pig Heart, Widetrack, Crasher, Wully Bully and even Honey Badger signed up for a groom routine at 6 AM. I predict we will see some midwinter conditions at 9 AM Monday!