6:30 PM

We had a groomer team of 3 this morning at 6 AM. I was lucky enough to be included. Wully Bully and Honey Badger took care of Blueberry and Bards and to the south and then the Highlands. Pig Heart took care of the old ABR . We concentrated on texturizing the skate lanes and shoveling thin areas and picking sticks (no new classic tracks today). We all met up on Turkey Hill and the Highlands exit hill and shoveled for an hour to beef up the base to get it skiable…this is the weak link for 20 km of great trails on the southlands. We left a snow rake and a shovel for any “overly” ambitious skiers to enhance the snow cover with moving additional future snowfall on to the trails. Due to the usage and hills these two hills make the Highlands bottle neck and they are closed now for that reason.

Wully Bully and Honey Badger cut in and shoveled in a connector for the #2 River Trail bypass. This by-pass is very similar to Pit Point by-pass it bypasses the steep climb descent on River Trail “High Rock” the scenic overlook to Wisconsin. It is a better by-pass for those that want the mild terrain from River Trail by-pass #1 by Sulos. to by-pass #2 and the steep climb descent is avoided using Tamarack 2 track backwards for a short distance.

Sorry for rambling and recruiting…. Ski trails groomed up ok but there still are many thin areas where you can damage a good ski if you are not careful. We are getting steady skier use and we are trying to keep up on weak areas with shoveling and daily grooming. Best classic skiing is on the “Trees” Tamarack Hemlock and parts of Jack Pine and White Pine and all the combo trails.

Forecast snow 3-8 inches Tuesday 7 AM to 4 PM. Full groomer team coming in. We are excited for the new snow!