Thursday 7:00 PM Good news/bad news.

Good News: The warm temps did not melt the base! The main trails were very skiable today. It is 30 degrees and the base is freezing. We have a 3 person groomer team lined up for early AM grooming. Flat trails with limited hills are listed in order: Deer Trail, Jacks Flats, Cherry, Blueberry 2 way, Warm up Loop. River Trail w bypass, PitPoint w bypass, Memory Lane, Jack Pine. That is about 45 km

Bad news: I do not see us opening the Highlands for the weekend. We are closing the Peltonen Passout expert trail and we are closing the Blueberry big down hill. until we get more snow. We will not be resetting tracks until we get more snow. Tracks could get slick w out resetting them.

I will report back about 10 AM after we return from grooming.