Friday 5 PM

Trails skied well for early season conditions. We had 47 km groomed, not just rolled flat for skating or striding. and we had 10 km of classic tracks set. Skiers were happy with conditions as advertised. Yes the Classic tracks had pine needles and grass here and there especially in the thick woods where we have conifers but better than no track. The point I tried to communicate to everyone I sold tickets to in the ticket booth in the driveway, You need to by pass the River Trail “Gravel Road” from River Trail 2 way to where Hemlock crosses it. The easy bypass is turn right and then either do Pit Point the right way or ski down the entrance to pit Point and ski parallel to the gravel road section, then cross over on Hemlock to the west. Dec 1 we will start grooming the south 50 km. We are open for skiing at 9 AM Saturday and the Ski Shop Sale ends Saturday at 4 PM