Tuesday 6 PM

Great day of progress in trail prep. Forecast is looking fine for cooperating with a Friday Opener. 4 Scenarios: I am rating the percentages based on 25 years experience and experience with weather forecasts.

Plan A: We get 6-8 inches of snow (not forecast but prayed for) and we open 30 km of trails with full depth classic tracks. 30 km is presently all packed and prepped. A skis 5 %

Plan B: We get 2-3 inches of snow Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We came up with a 10 km trail system that is pretty well covered and does not include any big hills, and minimizes south faces slopes and open areas. It is using a variety of trail sections, many skiing backwards…and a few unused connectors from 1995. (Sorry I can’t take credit for the route; A neighbor friend and avid skier came up with the route, because he is trailside and loves to ski early and late season). Project “WEST”. B skis 75%

Plan C: We don’t get much snow an inch or less. We use Plan B “WEST” and ski on 10 km of trails with B or Rock Skis. 15%

Plan D: We get un forecast weather, and melt out Wednesday or get un forecast rain Wednesday. Trails closed. Roller skis 5%