2004 ABR Grooming Clinic Quiz

  1. The best down pressure is _________ to set a good track
    1. 20 lbf
    2. 200 lbf
    3. 2000lpf
    4. 20,000 lbf
  2. The best tiller speed is:
    1. 20 RPM
    2. 200 RPM
    3. 800 RPM
    4. 4500 RPM
  3. I takes approximately______Horsepower to till 1 foot wide:
    1. 1 HP
    2. 2 HP
    3. 10 HP
    4. 20 HP
  4. After a deep snow, first groom:
    1. The left side
    2. The right side
    3. The low side
    4. The middle
  5. After a 40 degree day you should groom the trail with a 10 inch base:
    1. At closing
    2. Just before the temp hits 32
    3. As the temp drops below 32
    4. In the morning
    5. When the snow temp goes from 33-32
  6. If you have an actuator on your snowmobile implement, you know your fan cooled machine is running at a good temp because:
    1. The temp light is not on
    2. The ribbon tied to your cowling is flowing
    3. It smells OK
    4. The head temp gauge reads ______or less
  7. The best distance between tracks is:
    1. What ever feels good
    2. Depends on the snow
    3. 8 inches
    4. 6 inches
  8. Corduroy is for:
    1. Preventing an icy hard surface
    2. Getting an edge in
    3. Catching snow in the cracks
  9. The best time to groom in a rainy condition is:
    1. Just before it rains
    2. As it is raining
    3. Just after it rains
    4. After the snow freezes rock hard
  10. The average trail pass as reported by CCSAA is
    • ______
  11. Optimum skate lane density for recreational skiers is:
    • _____________________________________________
  12. Prevent slipping in your parking lot after a rain by:
    1. Sanding
    2. Closing
    3. Salting
    4. Grooming the lot
  13. For the best steering and traction , stud your wide track:
    1. On the edges only
    2. Never stud a snowmobile for work
    3. In a V or W pattern
  14. To bring up dry snow after you have a thaw:
    1. Set your tiller depth at 5 inches
    2. Use your blade in the position
    3. Increase your tiller speed
    4. Use your renovator
  15. To get even compaction on a 12 foot wide trail
    1. Drive your snowmobile in the same spot every time
    2. Drive your snowmobile opposite directions every time
    3. Drive your snowmobile in staggered positions
    4. Drive your snowmobile with different speeds
  16. The only time to get out of your snow cat with your tiller running is:
    1. When the saleman is there
    2. When the mechanic is there
    3. When the parking brake is on
    4. NEVER get out with the tiller running
  17. The best standard speed for setting tracks is:
    1. 2 mph
    2. 5 mph
    3. 10 mph
    4. 20 mph
  18. Snowmobile grooming costs including a standard SWT and groomer and operator are:
    1. $.05/mile
    2. $.50/mile
    3. $5/mile
    4. $50/mile
  19. If you have a compacted icy corn snow base of 6 inches and you get an inch of snow, the best grooming technique is:
    1. Comb the new snow on top with light pressure
    2. Roll the new snow on top
    3. Mix the old snow with the new snow by using teeth down a ½ inch
    4. Why groom? Let it get skied in!
  20. The best suspension for grooming on a snowmobile is
    1. A soft rear end and tight front end
    2. A tight rear end and soft front end
    3. A tight rear and front
    4. A soft rear and front
  21. The best place along a skate lane for a classic track is always:
    1. On the far left
    2. On the far right
    3. Down the center
    4. Centered 2 feet from the edge
  22. You can pull up dry snow under an icy surface with a:
    1. Tidd Tech
    2. Ginzu
    3. Tiller
    4. Renovator
  23. To set tracks in a thin base
    1. Remove the cutters
    2. Farm snow in from the edges
    3. Use light down pressure
    4. Raise the track setter in very thin areas
  24. Snow density is important for:
    1. Skating
    2. Classic
    3. Racing
    4. Warm temperatures
  25. Death cookies are
    1. Small snow chunks
      pine cones
    2. holes made by skiers
      the cookies your mother in law bakes
  26. Base building in early season should start:
    1. As soon as it snows
    2. When the ground freezes and it snows
    3. Only after 6 inches or more of snow
    4. December 1st
  27. Wet areas can be fixed by using:
    1. Sand and salt
    2. Hay and snow
    3. A powertiller
    4. A roller
  28. Liquid cooled snow mobiles overheat because:
    1. They don’t have a radiator
    2. You are grooming slow
    3. You are grooming hard pack
    4. They don’t get snow splashed on the running boards
  29. Most recreational skiers prefer:
    1. A hard fast glazed track
    2. A soft mushy track
    3. A hard packed but non icy track
    4. A shallow track
  30. Always set your track setter in from the edge because
    1. You need to pack the pole plant area
    2. To keep the classic skier out of the brush
    3. For safety
    4. Especially on outside curves
  31. The best time to groom is
    1. When the skiers are off of the trail
    2. As the temps are dropping
    3. Just after a snow
    4. Just after a melt/freeze cycle
  32. Use up pressure
    1. On hill crests
    2. On thin spots
    3. On intersections
    4. On deep snow
  33. When the snow is being plowed off the trails into the woods with your implement
    1. Wait for a few days
    2. Put the teeth down deeper
    3. Pack, Drag or Roll first
    4. Go faster