Friday night 7:30 PM

We received about 3 inches of heavy wet snow today and an inch or 2 of drier snow last night. Groomers were out at 6 AM and had the entire trail system regroomed by 9 AM. As the temps rose the last groomed trails were being groomed at 33 degrees. Earlier trails groomed had an inch or so of snow on top. After coffee break we headed into town on the SISU trail, temps were in the mid 30’s, tricky grooming but we groomed will be very firm, the SISU Trail had 8 passes today and it is starting to really level out.

We plan to regroom at 4 AM with a team of 6-7 groomers, we may be grooming fresh powder into the base or on top of the base. We may be regrooming the base from today….Conditions may vary on the SISU course  due to the timing of grooming from today and from Sat AM. Good Luck to SISU Racers!

Classic only trails were all regroomed today including Windy Ridge. they will be regroomed in the AM as needed and are open except a portion of Jack Pine; Skate Trails will be open at noon.