Thursday night

Just coming in from grooming with the the crew. We groomed the race course for the SISU tonight up to the 30 km mark.

I saw all white and the trail is really smooth. We have a full crew heading out in the early AM to groom classic only trails and the SISU into town. It looks like a good race course. Recreational skiers and day skiers will have ABR classic only trails to ski SaturdayAM and the entire course will be open for day skiing after 12 noon Saturday. Friday all trails are open and Sunday all trails are open.

We have a 4 BR house on the SISU Trail for rent, Sleeps 13 . ….a new property, nice Farm house. For rent $500-600 for the weekend , $1,000 for the week, $500 midweek 4 nights. Open all winter.