First Responder Upgrades

ABR Ski Trails improved its first responder skills and tools this winter with the help of several local groups.

The SISU Ski Fest helped fund the purchase of an Orion Rescue sled. This rescue sled is fully suspended and designed for rescue. It has a cover to protect the patient from the elements and give them a smooth ride to the ambulance.

Eric Anderson, ABR, and Jackie Powers, SISU Ski Fest race director, with Rescue sled

Joel Bach a paramedic taught a Heartsaver CPR class to 13 of the ABR Ski Trails team of employees, volunteers and friends. There are plans to have a First Aid and Stop the Bleed program for the team this spring/summer.

Some of the ABR crew taking CPR Class

A Michigan Rural Health Grant provided several AED units for the local school systems, law enforcement and ABR Trails.

Alicia Zazeski a paramedic and groomer for ABR set up a trauma bag, first responder kit that was mounted and labeled on the wall in the trailhead cabin of ABR.

Alicia Zazeski, ABR groomer and paramedic

Eric Anderson and Angela Santini, owners of ABR, purchased a snowmobile dedicated to pull the rescue sled and will be erecting a small dedicated shelter for housing the snowmobile and sled.