SISU Ski Fest


The 3rd Annual SISU Ski Fest is taking place starting on ABR Trails January 14th from 9 AM to approximately 12 noon. The last group of racers/skiers will be departing at 11:50 AM from ABR heading North on River Trail to Jack Pine and into Ironwood.  Starting at 9 AM there will be approximately 20 km of stride trails open and 4 km of skate trails open. All of the trails will be open including the race course at approximately 12:30 for day skiing skiing. The Taste N Tour will not affect the skiing at ABR since it will be starting at Norrie Park (off  of ABR’s Trail system) starting at 1:30 PM. We encourage recreational skiers that want to skate more than 4 km to arrive at noon to cheer on the last racers and ski on the trails afterwards. We encourage the classic skiers to show up in the morning and ski the classic only trails to the south and watch for racers to cheer them on as the skate trails cross the classic only trails. The groomer will be regrooming the race course following the last skier and the trails will be completely regroomed for Sunday. Friday the 2-5 K kids races are at ABR on Blueberry Bluffs and , Meadow Ridge, they are starting at noon and going to 3 PM.

If you are in the area on Saturday morning and would like to volunteer for the race please contact us at [email protected] or 906-932-3502. or check the SISU Ski Fest website at