Spring Party

This party is to show our appreciation for our regular customers and season pass holders business … and to celebrate another great ski season!


  • 10:00-12:00 Scavenger hunt on the ABR Ski Trails
    Teams of 2 allowed. Set of ski ties and mugs to the winner
  • 12:00 Paintball Biathlon (heats of 4- 6 racers on a 1/2 k loop)
    Paintballs and guns provided, win a free night in the Balsam Cabin
  • 2:00 Blindfolded skier competition (2 people teams)
    Talk your blindfolded partner through a 50 meter flat coned course
    Win a TOKO head band
  • 2:30 3 legged ski race (2 people male-female teams)
    Share 1 set of skis with your partner (no poles). Win an ABR ski hat
  • 3:00 Miniboggan pull race (2 people male-female teams )
    Miniboggans provided. Win an ABR photo book
  • 3:30 1 legged glide competition (Individuals)
    The longest glide wins Toko glide wax
  • 4:00 Estonian wife carry competition (Man/woman teams 18 years old+)
    Ski 100 yards, pick up your wife and run or ski to the finish line.
    The winning man gets a ABR Season Pass for next season
  • 4:15 Bikini Races (open class) and Costume Judging
    Male and female divisions and prizes. Water Bottle Belt 1st Place
  • 4:30 Short Bear Relay Races (4 person teams must have 1 female)
    100 meter ski, drink a beverage, tag and your team member goes.
    Free beer to the winners, (participants and spectators.)
  • 5:00 Grill is hot. Chicken, Brats, Burgers and beverages on ABR