Saturday 8:30 PM

What a great day of skiing. the ski shop sale and the nice weather and great  trail conditions brought out a good group of skiers today. The ski shop was busy with the 50 % sale today and ski sales and binding conversions. We had a full crew of 4 out his morning, both Pisten Bullies did a great job, the classic only groomers had to make a few passes to make it nice.  I just came in from grooming the close trails with the bigger PB and it tilled up well. There were no bare spots or thin spots on the trail. Both Pisten Bullies are heading out in the early AM to head south and groom. Classic only trails are going to be as is for Sunday. Classic skiers that arrive at 9 AM should ski the PB groomed trails the combination trails and  including Tamarack 2 Track. that would be about 60 km of trails. The narrow classic only trails may be icy until the temps warm up. Jacks flats and Jack Pine should be fine with there flatness even w glazed sections for Sunday.