Monday 7 PM

What a great of skiing and grooming. We groomed up 85 k this morning with both Pisten Bullies and 2 single track groomers. A sign the skiing was good today was that 3 out of 4 of the groomers were out skiing after grooming!  (# 4 was working in the office on paper work and selling skis.)

The new snow really made skiing at mid winter conditions  we are at 78 inches of snowfall. Looks like we will make our March 21 closing date. a few warm days but with the snowpack and cold nights we should be fine.

3 sets of 30 inch snowshoes for sale from our rentals $100. 1 set of 25 inch. The additional 12 sets will be sold after we close March 21. All rental skis are for sale now…some rental boots. Season passes on sale now, ski all of this year and all of next season. $130 or $110 for Jr and Sr.