Dec 14th Monday5 PM

Humm, they forecast 1 inch last night we got 4 inches, they forecast no  new snow till Friday, it is snowing tonight (look at the webcams) thank you unpredictable lake effect snow!

Long day with a crew of 6 today! We received 4 inches of snow at the trail head and old ABR trail system, more like 2.5 inches south towards the Highlands and Windy Ridge. We rolled and Ginzu groomed some of the trails …but most importantly rolling today  to freeze the trail especially south. Old ABR has a pretty decent base from the last 4 weeks so the new snow should level out well with the Tuesday AM grooming…no wet spots with the cold temps . We are grooming 80 km of trails but only 1/2 are open for skiing. no tracks yet , we might experiment tomorrow with some tracks…still saying rock skis or B skis, no rentals available yet. We did see some more locals and recreational skiers today.