Friday Dec 11th

We had 3 Gators out today texturizing the surface. The 2.5 km loop was covered with no bare spots…but was as thin as can be and stay white. We texturized that loop. Then we explored and headed out to texturize on :Pit point thin w grass spots , Popple thin with grass spot deadend at road and turn around, Memory: 2 way good till pines then grass for 100 yards then the loop is skiable , River west thin w grass areas,  Sulos is not open, Bards exit is OK to Sulos, Blueberry to cold feet is thin, blueberry exit is good except one thin small hill, and Meadow is covered. Remember “Good” is good rock skiing not good normal skiing. Recreational skiers will most likely not be happy with the thin bumpy conditions.

we plan to texturize the trails again in the AM