Happy Thanksgiving

I was out on the trails at 3 pm today, they were still too soft to regroom. I put up some markers to redirect early season skiers. We will be out in the early AM to see if we can regroom or let the trail ski as is. The base is for sure thin …but is skiable. With colder temps tonight it should improve for firmness. The trails we are skiing are River Trail w Hill /bypass, Pit Point backwards w hill by pass, Popple Flats backwards to the gravel road and back 2 way Memory Lane,, Blueberry to cold feet short cut and Meadow Ridge, Cherry 2 way..maybe the loop, Peltonen to the Rockfence cabin then Tamarack and out to Sulos area before shortcutting back on Tamarack and then River and Tamarack. Looks like about 16 km of skiable trails. We are avoiding hills of course with the thin base and we encourage people not to damage the trails with snowplowing a thin base to grass but in stead walking down the edge of the gentle hills we have open.  I will try to mark up a trail map in the AM w the route and post it.