Looks like Winter Again!

Past:  SKI SHOP SALE went well!. I was very concerned on our COVID protocol. Thank you to our customers for cooperating and putting all of our staff at ease. It was very fun to see our winter friends and meet some new customers and pass holders!

Forecast today: The forecast was 3 inches of snow

Current Fact: Lake Effect Snow 8 inches! I am just coming in from packing the main trails and they are looking decent. We need to freeze down the ground so the 8 inches of snow doesn’t insulate it.

Future Forecast:: Cold (below freezing) till Wed Thursday…..then cold again but no major snow for about a  week.

Plan A: pack the main trails again, tweak signage, and clear new blow downs,  watch the weather and regroom and open as we are able to.

My prediction: We will prep the trails again this week and freeze the base down…. it will melt off a bit Wed /Thursday with wet spots and rocks showing. We will go thru the weekend w our Saturday Nov 21 ski sale again but no safe skiing conditions to be open. Next week ,Nov 23  we will start grooming and hope to open on the main trails Thanksgiving day or Friday.