Wednesday March 18th 5 PM

We are closing all buildings at ABR: the Ski Shop, Ski Rental room and lunch room, back room and wax barn tonight at 6 PM due to the  threat of the “virus”.  The Ski Trails and snowshoe trails  are still open 9 AM to 6 PM  and will be open until Sunday at 6 PM. We will continue to groom as we have been daily. Trail passes are $10 self pay with a check or cash at the unmanned guard shack at the entrance. Maps will be there as well and you can always call the office number. 906-932-3502. We will be working in our home office, monitoring activities from a safe distance. If you have a multiple day pass or punch pass or season pass that will be honored. You can change boots in your car, at home or in your motel room. There are 5 trailhead porta potties but the indoor restrooms are closed as well. Hobby wheel on US2 is open for ski or snowshoe  rentals if you need rentals. To purchase a season pass for next year you can mail a check or call with a credit card.