Sunday 8 PM

Today the trails groomed up nicely,  the Pisten Bully groomed trails skied well, I groomed 15 km last night solo and then the groom team came in today and we groomed up 61 km, The classic only were a  bit rough with a poor track in some areas. Pisten Bullied areas were perfect. Snow is transformed. I  just came in from scouting grooming and the plan for tomorrow AM is to groom the combination trails with the 2 Pisten Bullies and leave the single track closed. We will not groom all 76 km but we will groom with the Pisten Bullies on the combo trails. Taste of the Trails next Saturday, we are finalizing the menu, and it will be posted soon. We are grooming daily  or as needed but we do close MARCH 22 Sunday at 5 PM…it’s been a good run but after 127 days of skiing, we are pulling the plug like we do every year in late March.. Wolverine and the Miners Volunteers may have  more energy to continue grooming as needed until mid or late April this year with the snow pack..