Wednesday 7:30 PM

Just coming in from parking the Bullies. 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Almost a 1/2 day shift? We cleaned up 72 km of ABR Trails this morning with a crew of 5 , took coffee and then we ran both Pisten Bullies into town on the SISU Trail prepping for Saturday SISU Ski Fest. The good news is the ABR Trails are in great shape, We reopened the south nature preserve Windy Ridge and PB Groomed Tamarack since the temps cooled down. The on going brushing has been going well. The SISU Trail into town is looking great , Wide and hard. I am looking for a 18-25 year old 15 km  potential racer to donate a race entry to.  A mid pack or entry level would be my first pick.





just coming in