December 28th 6 PM

Super skiing today; much better than yesterday. Groom crew of 5 took care of trails early AM today, skiers were very happy  (after a freeze thaw like last week it takes 2 days to really grind the transformed snow into small “snowcone” like pieces that are pleasant to ski on). We regroomed 68 k of trails this morning. Tomorrow exact conditions are uncertain. I expect some of the trails will be good -very good for skiing, check at the front desk before skiing for a report on ski conditions and grooming reports. Forecast and what’s happening is not the same. We had rain from 2:45-3:35 this afternoon, then snow for 1 hr . It is off and on snow and rain the past few hours, but light. we have the grooming crew on standby for the AM. Best suggestion, watch the ABR website and probably start skiing later and not at 9 AM.  Terry is working on the new HD webcam tomorrow you may be able to see live conditions.