Saturday 7:30 PM

We groomed up all the classic only trails and most of the skate lanes. About 62 km. The snow stopped at about noon and we had a good 2 inches on top of the grooming. Temps were  28-31 F and skiing was good w powder. Tommorrow we have 4 groomers on for early AM and 2 plow drivers, We will groom according to what we see for snow but we may limit our skate trails to the main trails and groom more for classic. ask at the front desk.

I expect 4-6 inches of snow at 6 AM and I expect another 3-5 during the day.  I expect the winds to start at about noon and temps to start dropping from the 20’s.

We will groom to about noon if needed. …maybe more after that. We have a “full house”  with trailside  lodging.