Trail Report

We won’t mix the chocolate with the merde. It has been warm… highs today were 54 today and 51 yesterday. It is now 48 at 8 PM and I just groomed 18 km of trail although the air temp was 48 + the surface was freezing. I saw a few thin areas on the trail…and I saw many areas with over 1 foot of base. We did run the PB on 20 km of trail this morning. There is no cold dry powder, but there is spring corn snow. Since we groom daily and with the Pisten Bully the base is firm and the corn softens only about an inch at mid afternoon. Skaters find fresh cord and fast conditions at 9 and then the classic skiers find good classic towards late morning and into the afternoon….waxless and klister.
Season Passes now on sale: Buy your season pass now and ski free for the rest of this season. $105 Adults, $89 for Jr. and Sr., $270 for Families. This is a big savings from next year. We use the money for trail work.
This applies to the next few days. What will happen then? My guess is that we will have spring skiing through the weekend but we may not make it past then. We will continue grooming since we have snow, and lodging guests and season pass holders who are still skiing with nice spring skiing conditions. We may not make the next week….If you are thinking of skiing one last time you may want to make your way up North.