Friday 8:15 PM

Great news on the Trail System! all  75 km of trails are open. The cold overnight temps of -3 F really helped freeze down yesterdays 6-8 inches of “localized lake effect snow”. 2 crews of 4  shovel operators worked on rough areas on the Highlands exit hill and Rudy’s Shoot  (Dog Trails) today . We have all 75 km of trails open for skiing:

The 45 km we have been grooming daily  since Nov 9th is in very good – excellent condition.  We call this “old ABR”.

The 26 k of trails south to the Highlands has been groomed about 5- 10 times  and has some icy rough areas and an exposed dirt area here and there, fairly flat because we are leveling the trail;  Not recommended for race skis or beginner skiers. Rated good by skiers that tested it today.  The Highland Entrance is very rough in the low lands but gets much better once it hits the Highlands.

The 4 km of dog trails  are in very good condition with a few dips here and there on Rudy’s. There is a HS time Trail on the Dog Trails Saturday so the 4 km of Dog trails will be closed to dogs and walkers/snowshoers from 11-4 and closed to day skiers from 2:30-4.