Friday 9 PM

I am just coming from grooming with the big Bully. I powertilled and reset tracks on Blueberry Bards, Hautanen, and Meadow Ridge so far tonight. the Trails are well covered and powertilling up nicely.  I will get a few hours sleep and partner up with Little Bully and we will double team powertill Tamarack 2 Track and then split up and powertill Ridge Runner,Coyote, Saari and Cherry and River and all side loops.  Time permitting we will most likely hit the dog trails with one of the Bully’s. We will not be retracking classic onlys since we have a good deep track in them and it will ski OK when the temps soften the track. Peltonen is also not going to be regroomed or reopened with the steepness it is too tricky to ski ….and dangerous without grooming.

Summary we will have about 50 km groomed up 65 km open and we have great snow coverage thru the weekend. We close Sunday at 5 PM