Monday night December 4th

Present: Well it looks like it is turning into winter! We have been cruising the trails on snowmobiles and tracked vehicles the last week clearing the buried brush from the diminished base and installing new maps and signs. We have an inch or so of hard base(ice) as of today in most wooded areas. Fields are a bit bare but the main trail seemed to survive so far with an icy base.

Forecast:  We have groomers coming in the AM to groom the forecast snow. We can not predict the snow until we see it but the forecasts are all on line. We need 3 inches or so of dense snow to reopen. The base is frozen.  We will pack the snow as it falls, except for Tuesday night from 5:00 PM -Wed 5  AM …. when we  host the ABR Christmas Party to honor our hard working crew of workers and volunteers!

Future:  We will continue to groom and update twice daily with conditions as the weather changes to cold and snow over the next few days. I expect  and hope that we will reopen Thursday for skiing. I know we will not open Tuesday or Wed  for planning purposes.

Conclusion: watch the website and forecast, we can not answer the phone for all the calls.