Saturday 9 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, many happy skiers. It was good to see many of our “winter” friends.

The 1-2 inches of new snow groomed up real well early this morning early this AM and we reset tracks on all of the open trails except classic only.

We are heading back out in the early AM to re-groom .

The SKI SHOP SALE was buzzing todayand we will keep it going Sunday as well.


After a bit of checking tonight :

We have the new River Trail groomed  , very positive reports on the new reroute to include Bachelors backwards  5.4 km

Popple Flats  is groomed with the new addition…a bit bumpy but should smooth out soon (not so good now), 1.7 km

Pitpoint  was skiing very well… a small bump on the bottom of the hill after the curve 1.5 km

Memory Lane is skiing OK, thin under the spruce tunnel but well covered and smooth. It is shortened until we clear additional downed trees from the big storm.  2.1 km

Blueberry Bluffs entrance is now frozen in the low lands a bit bumpy in areas with ice  but not wet 3.7 km

Bards Bump  has very good coverage except is a bit bumpy on the back side 1.1 km

Meadow Ridge is fairly flat and rolling and has one lowland that has rough areas but is skiing good 1.3 km

The Demo Loop is skiing well (Pelty entrance exiting at Hilltop House)) an  unknown trail  and not mapped) 1 km

Cherry Dairy is skiing well with 2  wet areas to ski around and gentle wide terrain., 1.2 km

Rascals and Spanky’s loops are open to dog traffic  1.7 km

Tamarack 2 Track is normally a classic double track trail , it is groomed now for skating and classic  (partial opening ) 4.2 km

24.9 km groomed for skating and classic

For striding only we are sking on Hemlock 3.2 km and a part of Sunset 2.3 km.  .thin cover but tracked

5.5 km of classic only

Total :  km 30.4 of set classic tracks;   24.9 km of skating

The front desk attendant is available for updates/