Merry Christmas 8:30 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, the snow was cold dry powder. We are all watching and waiting to see what the weather brings us tonight and in the AM……

Good News: it is 28 degrees at 8:30 PM it snowed for a short time and then turned to ice pellets.

Bad news: forecast says it may rain later?

Good News; the new snow will absorb some moisture.

Bad news : it will warm up until 9 AM and then drop below freezing causing icy trails?

Good News: We have enough snow base to re-groom and we have 5 groomers coming in the AM waiting for the right temp to groom.

Conclusion: I would head north for some good skiing but I would not rush; wait for the roads to get salted since  the best skiing Monday will be mid day not at 9 AM. The rest of the week looks very favorable for skiing!