Friday 9 PM

I am just coming in from scouting the trails and doing some preliminary grooming. The low areas were starting to show signs of wet, the up hills are getting chewed up a bit on Blueberry and the River Trail. Tonight’s grooming smoothed these out and I expect them to freeze tonight. The bare spots 12 inch by 12 inch are more numerous…about 75 areas in the base 10 km loop….but they are small and you can ski around them easily. I think the skiing at 9 AM will be more favorable for the advanced skiers and the skiing later towards 11 AM  will be better for the recreational skiers. Tonight is forecast to freeze hard and we will lightly groom in the early AM to keep the base firm, it is flat fro the grooming tonight and ruts are groomed out. We are grooming and skiing about 25 km for Saturday.

Looking ahead I see that Sunday we are probably OK until early afternoon. We do not think we will be open Monday thru Wednesday based on the forecast.